Penguins Vs. Oil

Thousands of animals a year are affected by waste. One of those animals are penguins, there are many species of penguins which are endangered. The waste is a huge problem for the penguins. Over 400 penguins die from the horrible oil spills. We are going to tell you about this tradgic oil spill and more.

A major spill of heavy oil from a wrecked boat has covered an estimated 20,000 endangered penguins on an island in South America. More than 800 tons of oil has leaked from the ship. "The scene at nightingale is dreadful, as there is oil slick encircling the island."- Trevor Glass, a local conservation officer, said in a statement. A ship of animal rescuers has arrived to help all animals. The island holds more than 200,000 penguins. The oil is a corrosive and dangerous substance that

It included nearly half of the worlds population of Northern Rockhopper penguin that is endangered species whose population has plunged in recent decades. for unknown reasons. About 20,000 of these rockhopper penguins were covered in oil. The birds are a covered in oil for a week they wouldn't survive. The penguins are on an island far away and cannot be flown for help.

The owner of the wrecked boat could not be immediately identified. The authorities in Malta, where the ship is registered , did not respond to a request for information. If the owner was found he would be charged with destruction of property and animal abuse. Oil is not the only thing that effects penguins. Human waste has traveled all the way down to Antarctica. The human waste like the plastic from 6-packs has been found around penguins necks in there throats. It has caused over 100's penguins deaths. Humans waste is killing many innocent animals. The over use of garbage today is a huge problem.

Tons and thousands of waste have traveled to islands and it is killing innocent animals such as penguins. So far, 960 tons of waste has been discovered on a chain of islands. There are 17 species of penguins, over 11 are going extinct. There are only a few thousand Galapagos penguins left on this world. Humans polution has killed many penguins and the fish are swimming in the polluted water and are getting sick. The penguins then eat the fish and become ill and then die.

A 900 mile long island that holds many artic animals. There ice is melting from air polution. Huge chunks of ice is breaking off of the island. A type of penguin called Adelie lives on the melting island and they wake up in the water and have to swim for land. They have to travel far distances for food, They eat small fish and Krill but they are dying from the poluted water and the melting ice. This is a Big problem for every animal. People need to help. You can help save the penguins by recycling. Play your part as a good human being and help.

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