Alternative Energy


Hello, I am HMike6, and this is a page about alternative energy (as you can see).
I chose Alternative Energy because it relates to the environment, and I like technology, so I thought it would be a pretty good topic.

What I hope to find

What kind of renewable energy has the most potential?
How does each type of renewable energy work?
How much does each type of renewable energy cost?

My research so far

The three types of energy discussed here will be Solar energy (from the sun), Wind energy, and Geothermal energy(from the heat inside the earth).


Solar Energy can be broken down into two main types:

Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic Panels convert light directly into electricity.

Solar Heating

Solar Heating uses black tubes that absorb the light and converts it into heat for hot water.


In wind energy, you have a large propeller that spins from the force of the wind, and turns a motor which generates electricity.


In Geothermal energy, water is pumped down below the earth's crust, where the molten rock heats it until it boils. The steam produced rises back up to the earth's surface, where it is used to turn a turbine, which generates electricity.


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