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I will be discussing alternative fuels such as hydrogen cars, hybrid cars, ethonal, biomass,and solar power! Now doesn't that sound like fun!!!

The Questions:

What are some of the alternative fuels we could be using instead of petroleum?
What are some things we could do in our own homes to help the planet?
What car companies, countries, and political groups are leading the movement to fix our planet?
What is the future of alternative energy?


Solar Energy

-energy derived from the sun in the form of solar radiation

This is a solar car, pretty standard ha ha

Ethanol(also known as FlexFuels)

Brazil is leading the way in ethanol technology. Ethanol is a liquid made from corn. It can power your car, heat your house and be used for other things also. It is estimated that the average U.S. automobile, "traveling 10,000 miles a year on pure ethanol, would need about 852 gallons of the corn-based fuel. This would take 11 acres to grow, based on net ethanol production. This is the same amount of cropland required to feed seven Americans." Ethanol contains about 7.1 calories per gram.