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The Earth is made of different layers. The closest layer is called the troposhere which is located right under
the ozone layer. The ozone layer protects us from the sun's harmful UV rays, and lets us survive on Earth. When harmful
chemicals and pollutions create the greenhouse effect however, trapping heat but not letting heat out, it causes Global Warming.

Global Warming was brought up more seriously by Al Gore- running candidate against George Bush in 2000. There are 6.5 billion
people on Earth now, enough to cause serious damage.

The ozone layer protects us from harmful UV rays. UV radiation is harmful to humans, animals, and plants. Without the ozone layer,
we could all die. Now, the ozone layer is being destroyed by certain industrial chemicals including ozone depleting refrigerants, halons,
and methyl bromide, a deadly pesticide used on crops. In reality, it is humans who are causing all the dangers mentoned. Studies show
that if we continue our careless destruction, the Earth could suffer serious damage including a distruption in the food chain which can
have a serious impact on all life.

Global Warming has caused sea levels rising,more extreme weather events including heat waves, frosts, droughts, storms,
extinction of species, loss of entire forests, marine life destruction,and glacial retreat. Global warming has been melting the arctic
which could result in a loss of habitat. Animals including the penguin and polar bears could be become extinct! Global Warming
hasn't just been happening in the arctic though, the whole world is suffering.

If we all work hard and try to stop global warming we might be able to help. We have to conserve energy and drive less cars beacuse
together we can make a difference.