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What Does It Mean To Go Green?

Going Green is all about saving the Earth. This page will tell you how YOU can help save the Earth and also some more fun things about going green.

Celebrities Going Green

One green group of celebrities that I know went green are..

THE JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!!!! Here is one way they went green...

Jonas Brothers Go Green With Chevy

Green Tips

1. Visit a national park

  • encourages government to reserve wild areas

  • many animals depend on wild areas being protected

2.Shake it up

  • use shake powered products (such as flashlights)

  • uses your energy which is renewable

  • prevents batteries from being in landfills

3. Be a cutup

  • when you are finished with a six pack of soda, cut up the plastic rings

  • prevents animals from being tangled p in them

4.Help wildlife stay wild

  • leave wild animals alone

5. Conserve clean clothes

  • don't change several times a day

  • pick the right outfit for the whole day

  • one less load of laundry a week saves 2000 gallons of water a year

How are People Going Geen? Many People Around the world are going green. It's not a hard thing. It's actually realy easy. Some schools are going green by using moodle, an online school course. Teachers can create forums, add links, and create glossaries. This makes class a little more interesting. People who work away from home also can easily go green by carpooling. All lot of people have been car pooling lately. Carpooling saves gasoline and energy, and also causes less gas polluting the air.

More Green Tips

30 ways you can help the Earth.

  • Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

  • Adopt an endangered animal through a charity.

  • Create a lending library. (share books, dvds, games, etc.)

  • Pack your lunch with reusable utensils.

  • Use those outdoor trash cans! NEVER LITER!

  • Turn off the car while waiting for something.

  • Participate in clean up days at parks or beaches.

  • Use natural light instead of a lamp.

  • Turn over used paper.

  • Close your windows to keep out daytime summer heat.

  • Take short showers.

  • Plant a deciduous (leafy) tree.

  • Ride a bike or walk.

  • Send an E-card instead of a paper card.

  • Reuse creatively!

  • Buy metal or ceramic bowls for your pet.

  • Switch off the light when you leave a room

  • Set the thermostat to no lower than 78 in summer or 68 in winter.

  • Set out cans and bottles for neighborhood pickup or exchange them for cash at the recycling center.

  • Take a reusable bag to the store.

  • Choose locally grown food instead of imported food.

  • Keep fans running in the summer instead of using the air conditioner.

  • Play outside.

  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs.

  • Buy a little bit less.


  • Use a power strip.

  • Choose rechargeable batteries.

  • Scrape leftovers off the dishes.

  • Last but not least, share these tips with your family and friends!

Why going green is important

Going green is important because it will keep the Earth alive. Without the Earth none of us would be here. With all the bad habits of people today, the Earth needs everyone's help or else there will be no Earth! Going green not only saves the Earth, but it gives people new, good habits that will last forever.Go Green or kill the planet!