Here you will find information on everything from what the most popular endangered animals are to what are the things are making them endangered. We also will tell you if those numbers are growing or increasing or where do they live. I hope what you find on this page is important and take it into consideration.

So you may ask why we are making this wiki on endangered animals. If awareness doesn't spread about this issue many animals may go extinct. We are doing this because we care and we cant let the animals go into extinction and the main cause of their extinction is mostly our fault. Pollution, environmental destruction and poaching are main causes of extinction. All of these things somehow or directly relate to humans. It is our fault and we need to do something about it.

Bald Eagles are going extinct, our nations animal might not be around for much longer. The Bald Eagles natural habitat is mostly throughout North America all the way from Alaska to some of Canada to Northern Mexico. They consume many different kinds of fish and other dead and decaying animals, pretty much whatever they can get their talons on. When it spots a fish floating near the surface of the water the eagle gracefully glides down near the water and grabs it. Although sometimes if the fish is to big and the eagle could not get it out, sometimes the eagles talons are so latched on that the eagle won't let go. Some say it is because of their lack of food and how hungry they are.

Grizzly bears are an endangered animal, the huge animals that roam a lot of the nothern part of north america like Alaska and north Canada. They are related to the european animal called the brown bear. These bears mostly liked to tavel alone, not with a group so they don't have to share the food. The only exception to that is that the mother and her cubs always travel together untill the cubs grow up and go and fend for themselves. The bears eat a lot of fish it is proably their favorite food it has a lot of fat so they can fatten up for the winter.

Pandas are one of the most beloved animals and sadly they are becoming extinct. They are found mainly in the mountain regions of China that contain lots of bamboo. The consume and digest bamboo as there main meal. They don't hibernate but they can if they want to thats how good bamboo is for them. They are endangered due too habitat loss and sadly they are on a decline. This means they need a lot of attention to keep from becoming extinct.


Red Squirrels are endangered. They live in forests of Ireland, England and Scotland. They consume trees, buds, flowers, hoots, berries, nuts bark and fungi. They are endangered because they cannot keep up with their enemies the gray squirrel. They gray squirrel dominates the food and shelter over the red squirrel and the red squirrel are increasing currently and not by much, they still need some extra help to keep them on Earth.


Siberian Tigers are one of the worlds prettiest animals, butt sadly they are going extinct. They are the worlds biggest cats. There are only about four hundred to five hundred Siberian Tigers left in the wild which is a steady number. Tigers travel alone for the same reason as Grizzly Bears so they don't have to share food. They also scent - mark their territory to keep their rivals away from their land. They are very quick, agile and strong and some things they hunt are elk and wild boar.