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Wiki articles are a great way to spread information. it is much more efficient then Email, because anyone can edit the page, so the information isn't scattered across everyone's inbox.

Wikis can accomplish more then you may think. they can house camping plans, coordinate a conference, or spread information about the ecosystem. Learning Basic wiki construction is not hard at all, and can be understood in minutes. Here you can learn Basic construction.

Basic commands

Basic text

As with most website creation, there are many kinds of text. if you've ever used a text editor, you'll know that the four basic texts are normal, italic, Bold, and underlined. Normal text is unmodified, and the most common. you can bold text using thebold.gif moz-screenshot.jpgkey. Italicize your text using italic.gif, and underline using underline.gif.

Pictures and video

Adding picture and video is explained in detail here.


If you've ever been to Wikipedia, all the words underlined and blue are hyperlinks. Clicking on them will bring you to another page. To get a word hyperlinked, highlight it and select this optionhyperlink.gif. You will get a window that looks like this.
To link to another wiki page, select "wiki link" and drop down "page name" to find the page. then hit "OK" to link.
To link to an external page, copy the text in the address bar, paste it on to the link, and hit "OK" to link.

Table of contents creation

A table of contents looks like this.
This searches your page for heading sizes, and organizes them like so. they are extremely easy to make, and all they require is you to type:
Then you're done!

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