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Welcome to our wiki! On this webpage we are discussing the issues of oil spills. How they hurt the environment and how they hurt the animals/what animals are affected. We also discuss the major oil spills that have occured, how we can prevent future problems, and how to clean up what messes we have already created. These oil spills hurt everything, including us. By reading and taking to heart this webpage you could be saving millions of animals, our own economy and food sources. Thank you for reading our artical.


Our group chose oil spills for many reasons. The main reason is we love animals. We didn't want to do endangered species because none of us were interested enough in it. We liked learning about the oil spills because it made us realize how much they hurt land animals, sea creatures, and even ourselves. Some animals in this world die from this poisonous toxin. The worst part is that we brought this cruel death apon this harmless animals, who don't have any defenses against this toxin. Even today animals intake this poisin and die from unnatural and unneeded deaths.


Look at what we have done! All these poor creatures dead because of OUR stupid mistake! How sad.

There are many animals hurt by these terrible oil spills. They range from large whales to the tiny shrimp. They also range from water animals to the hunters who eat the water creatures. Some animals that were hurt are...
  • Sharks
  • Turtles
  • Killer whales
  • Shrimp
  • Squid (most effected) animatedfish-18.gif
  • Jelly fish
  • Oysters
  • Crabs
  • Sea birds

This is just a small grouping of animals, it is a very broad and a short list. Some animnals like the Bald Eagle, the River Otter, Black Oyster Catcher, Common Murre Mussel, Pink Slamon, Sea Otter,and Sockeye Salmon are recovering from these disasterous spills. Other animals like the Harbor Seal, Harlequin Duck, Killer Whales, and Pigeon Quillement, aren't doing so well to recover. You may be asking how does the oil spill hurt some of these animals? The oils effects the sea bird because they die when the oil gets stuck on their feathers and can't fly away. As for Sea Otters the the oil gets on their fur they can't float so they can't breathe. With whales the oil gets stuck in their blow hole. When they blow hole is covered they can't breathe. Fish are affected because the oil is poisonous. When an animal eats a poisoned fish that animal becomes posioned. All these animals are being hurt everyday by oil spills. We have caused them this pain.
external image dolphinanimation-20.gif There have been alot of major oil spills that have went on. The worst one in the U.S. history would be the one by BP on April 20,2010.
This spill happened in the Gulf of Mexico. Their attempt to stop the spill was to drill a well to the oil reservoir deep beneath the ocean. Another major spill was caused by Exxon Valdez. This oil spill was so bad there is still oil buried deep in the mud and dirt, it has been 21 years! They have spent 4.3 billion dollars in attempts to clean up all the oil. This drastic spill impacted 1300 miles of people. It took this company over 4 years to clean it up to livable circumstances. They had the Navy and the air force to come help them. What a mess that was. The last oil spill I will be talking about was in 1983. This one happened in the Persian Gulf. Now even though this spill doesn't harm us directly, it still had a major impact on us.
Look at these sea turtles, do you really want to hurt them? They are so happy.

There are many ways to prevent oil spills. There are new ways that that the governemnt has prepared . The owners of the oil plants must have a detailed emergancy plan if there is an oil spill. There is alot of thought and detail that must go into this plan. Their is also a liability level in this plan. This means that every ton of oil spilled the owner must pay a certain amount of money for the oil spilled. At this moment the amount of money per ton is $1,200 for every ton spilled. We are very prepared. We are doing everything we can besides physically being there to stop the oil spills.

There are many ways you can help with oil spills. Just by donating money to any sea animal organization you are helping to save those animals. You can also donate to any wild life fund too! You can buy the dawn liquid soap with the picture of the animal on the bottle. Some profit of that soap is sent to help clean up the oil spills and its animals. By helping even one species of animals you are helping the whole ocean economy. Anything you can offer time or money can help. These creatures need you! One small effort can be a huge help that you cant even imagine!

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Even the tiniest of tiniest of animals are hurt by the spills. So lets say there is a small little fish covered in oil. That fish and all fish like it are poisined. The whole species is already is danger. Now a bigger fish comes along and eats that fish. Now the bigger fish is hurt to. This is a chain of events that continues on. Now lets say the bigger fish can't find a smaller non-poisoned fish to eat. Now that species dies of starvation. Everything on the food chain is affected. We are affected by not having any fish to eat. We get poisoned by the oil too! From the tiniest of plankton to the largest of whales we are all hurt by the oil spill. Maybe in some ways we are one in the same.
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