Ghost Fishing has caused many problems in the past years. Ghost Fishing is the remains of dumped objects in the ocean. These objects vary from nets to plastic soda can holders to shoe lases. These items can wrap around a fish or a turtles's neck, body, or tying the animal to something. In the result of these items our sea life dies and our food amounts lower.
Around it's neck and body! :(
Many animals are hurt in the ocean even if no one means to hurt them. Animals such as turtles , dolphins , eels , crabs ,exotic fish , manta rays , sharks , narwhals and even octopus get trapped and killed in abandoned fishing nets and fishing gear left in the ocean and for gotten. The most killed animals that get trapped in ghost fishing nets and ghost fishing gear are turtles. Turtles are attracted by the nets if there is a bag or jellyfish in the net and when they go to have the snack they get trapped. Many of the animals get nervous and struggle so that they get even more stuck and suffocate their selves in the netting causing them to die.