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There are so many endangered species on our earth. The reason behind it is human activities. Humans do many harmful things that effect the number of endangered species. Once they become endangered they usually become extinct. There is no way out for them. Without our help species everywhere will become extinct.

So many species are going extinct. Although it is a normal part of evolution humans are playing a big part in it too. In nature extinction can be caused by catastrophic events. Or they slowly disappear because of climate change. About 10 million species have already become extinct. Without our help that number will surely rise.
There are many different kinds of species that are extinct. More than 1,260 species are endangered or threatened to be endangered. It is very rare for a specie to recover from being extinct or endangered. Sadly only 9 different species have done so. Many of these innocent animals are becoming endangered because of us.

Human activities are the leading cause to endangerment. The primary reason is the destruction of habitat. The Remaining animal populations have to crowd into smaller areas. These animals loose contact with other populations. This renders their genetic variation and makes them less adaptable to environment change. These small populations are highly vulnerable to extinction. Those small habitats become to small to support a reliable population. Commercial exploitation of animals for food and other products has a become a major factor in animal endangerment too.

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So many animals are becoming endangered. Once they become endangered they usually never make a comeback. Over 1200 are endangered or threatened. Only 9 have been recovered since 1973. Species should never be put in that position in the first place. If we would all just be more Eco friendly then these species would never be put in that position. Otherwise the only way to see common animals will be in zoos.

Some of the things that humans do don't just effect us. They effect others and even many animals. By polluting and everything else that is harmful we do is majorly effecting the number of species that are becoming endangered and extinct. You can do your part for these animals by just recycling plastic bottles. If you would like to see these animals in the future, you must do your part to save them from extinction.


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