drug_test_animals_0612.jpgbaby-wallaby.jpgHi, our names are Ariana and Courtney. Welcome to our page about animal testing. Animal testing is a serious subject that people need to know about. Many animals get killed, injured or sick from animal testing. This can also effect our environment. This topic needs to be brought to attention and be fixed

Although there are many types of animals that are tested on in labs, there is a group of animals that are most commonly tested on. Rats and mice are often used in labs. This is because they are small, easy to work with, and have an excellent immune system. Other animals include; ginnie pigs, rabbits, frogs, bats, wallabies, ect. Because these animals are so commonly tested on, the result may include these animals becoming endangered.


You may ask, "How many companies use animals to test their products?" Well, here is your answer. The majority of cosmetic companies use animals to test their products. Also, many cat and dog food companies use animals to test if the food is harmful. The companies that use animal testing has grown 130% in the past five years. This number is likely to increase.

Animal testing affects animals in various ways. In the past year, more than 8,800 animals were killed from animal testing. This number is unlikely to decrease in the future. Also, more than 16,000 animals have encountered pain in the past year. These numbers were only noted for the United States. If this many animals in the United States are being negatively effected from animal testing, it could be a lot worse in other countries.

Monkey-01-june.gifAnimal testing effects our environment in numerous ways. Every year animals are killed and subjected to pain from animal testing. If we are killing many helpless, innocent animals every year, then it could lower the population of these animals. If this continues, it could mess up populations of other animals. For example, if we rely on birds to eat insects and the population of birds' drops dramatically, insects will become over populated. This would lead to the cycle repeating!

Bat_animation.gifYou must be wondering where all of this cruelty takes place. Well, animal testing is being used in labs all over the world. The two most popular places are the United States and Europe. The top 5 states where animal testing is being practiced in the United States are Hawaii, Idaho, Mississippi, Kentucky, and lastly North Dakota. Although the majority of labs are these five states, there are labs in almost every state.

ginniepiggy.pngWe chose to take interest in animal testing for various reasons. One of the reasons include; everyone knows it is taking place but no one does anything about it. Animal testing is never on the news or in newspaper which makes it a unpopular topic. If we were not to take interest in it, who would? Animals are dying everyday and that thought does not cross many people's mind. This is why we have to do something about it.

By: Ariana Genovese and Courtney Wilkie


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