On this page you will learn all about Global Warming. You will learn what it is, what causes it, what is the effect of it, how to prevent it, and where it occurs. Also here it shows many pictures, animations, and voki's about Global Warming. This page will list everything you will want to know about Global Warming.

1.) What causes Global Warming?
Global Warming is a big environmental problem. It's caused by the burning of fossil fuels and oil, exposure of gasses, and many more things. The main gasses that cause Global Warming are Carbon Dioxide, Black Carbon Soot, Sulfur Hetafluoride,CFCS, Nitrous Oxide, and Methane. The most harmful of these gasses is Carbon Dioxide. This gas is released when you burn fossil fuels, oils, and gas.

2.) What is the effect?
Global Warming has many bad effects on earth. One effect of Global Warming is when the Earth's atmosphere heats up. This happens when gasses and burning of fossil fuels make holes in the atmosphere. The holes in the atmosphere cause for the green house effect to happen. This is when sunlight gets through the holes in the atmosphere and have no way to get out. This will cause the earth's temperature to raise and it will cause many more problems. Some of problems are melting of the ice caps, many animals and plants extinction, and the oceans water level to rise.

3.) How do you fix it?
Global Warming might not be able to be fixed. You can fix it by not burning fossil fuels.
Also burning gas is another cause.
A solution is by using less gas.
By using less gas we save pollution and save money.
Fossil fuels take up most of the problem in Global Warming.

4.) What is it?
Global Warming is the heating of the earth. It causes ices caps to melt, ocean's water levels to rise, extinction of many plants and animals, and many more. A big problem for humans with Global Warming is that if the ocean levels rise all of the shores of our countries will be flooded like New York City, California, New Jersey, and many more. Global Warming is a bad thing and that is why we need to prevent it.

5.)Where does it happen?
Global Warming affects the whole world. It makes the earth hotter than normal. This mainly affects North and South poles. The hot weather melts the ice caps and causes the water levels to rise. The rising of water levels will flood every coast in the world. Help us stop Global Warming!

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