Hi and welcome to our page.Today Robby, Ibraham, and Connor are going to teach you a little about endangered species. We will cover the Rare lynx of Maine and Canada. We will also cover the Koala of Australia. Another animal we will cover is the not so well known Siberian tiger, a descendant from the African tiger. We will also tell you a little about how you can help them and other fun and interesting facts.


The lynx has been endangered for a very long time. A lot of them live in Maine, and it has been estimated there are only about 500 left in the wild. They only tend to weigh up to 30 lbs. They have very large paws, making it easy for them to walk on snow. They are carnivores and tend to eat snow rabbits.

The lynx is endangered due to its environment being cut down. this forces it to more to populated areas and into towns. they also are having to have to leave their natural habitats in the towns and cities of Maine and Canada. this can cause them to get hit by cars and other unnatural things. Another reason they are endangered is due to a very limited source of food. The lynx mainly only eats the snow rabbit and it is also a dying species.

The species is classified by the World Union for theNature(IUCN) as the world's most endangered feline species. Habitat loss and degradation, as well as the disappearance of food resources (rabbits) are contributing to this declining trend. Today, there are no more than 38 breeding females in the wild.

The foundation WWF is helping the lynx population out alot by supplying food and more forest land for the animals to live in.


The Siberian tiger is a beautiful animal. It is the largest member of the cat family, as it can weigh up to 570 pounds. It can grow to be 11 feet long as well. It is a carnivore, and lives in Eastern Russia . The Siberian tiger has been critically endangered since 1996. This animal is worth a lot of money, up to $4,000 and is the reason many people hunt them.

We can help the Siberian tiger in many ways. One way is to enforce stricter hunting and poaching laws against people who do these things.Also if anyone was found or is thought to be in possession of anything made with tiger fur will be fined. This will ensure that the tiger population can improve and hopefully not be endangered any longer. That is how we can help protect the Siberian tiger.



The koala is a very interesting and unique animal.The koala eat a leaf from the eucalyptus plant that contains a poisonous oil. The oil is poisonous to all mammals but the koala. It can eat the poisonous leaves because of grinding teeth that form the leaves into a thick paste. When digested they have a special enzyme that helps digest the poisonous leaves. They spend most of their lives in trees sleeping, and are nocturnal animals. The female koala keeps its baby in its pouch!

The koala is endangered because of a mysterious virus. We can help save them by increasing research on this virus and hopefully find a cure. They could ask people for donations to help them in their research. Many koalas are in zoos and are being helped. With this help we can ensure that the population will hopefully increase.

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