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The rainforest is a place where animals have a home of many, many miles. A place where they can be free. Almost like the way we live today, going where we want and watching out for our enemies. But that seems to not be the case right now. We have become the enemies of the rainforest and the animals. Tearing down the rainforest and taking the homes of animals. Just to create more highways or shops when we already have a lot of those.

This website is here to help notice the changes we can do, and the harm that is being created by us. We can make a difference if we just realize all the homes were taking away from animals and wiping so many plants away before they were even discovered

Why are the they getting destroyed?

Tropical rainforest around the world are vanishing at a rate of 50 football fields a minute. Mountain biking has been a problem with tropical rainforest these days because when the people biking they have to cut down the tree's to create the path. The tracks that are being created are illegal and are ruining habitats. (Bike Riders Destroying Rainforest; Illawarra Mercury)
"Brazil has just punched a1200- kilometer highway into the heart of the Amazon and is in the process of building another 900- kilometer highway"- New Scientist Another reason why the rainforest are being destroyed are for cheap bags. The Indonesian (home of the endangered Sumatron Elephant and Tiger) rainforest will help create those cheap; high quality bags. (Fashion for Bags is Destroying Rainforest; Times the United Kingdom.)

Wild Life in the rain forest:

The wildlife in the "rain forests are home to a large number of the world’s plant and animals species, including many endangered species. As forests are cut down, many species are doomed to extinction." -mongabay Some of the animals that exist in the rain forest are a toucan, sloth, spider monkey, tree snail, poison arrow frog, Morpho butterfly, macaw, snakes, and beetles. That's only a taste of what some of the animals are. There are so much more out there, the list could go on for a while. The most dangerous animal in the rain forest is

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What affects take place on the animals?

When the animals have there home taken away, there whole life needs to be restarted in one second. We lose about one hundred and thirty seven plants a day. Half the world's animal and plant population are in the rain forest. The rain forest are being destroyed with fires, chainsaws, and or bulldozers. Not only is that killing our rain forests, but it also doesn't give the animals a chance to escape if we use fires to destroy their homes.

Affect on knocking down the rain forest-

When we destroy the rain forest we don't think about the present. We just think about now and how it will affect us not to far in the future. Another way, besides the more destructive way to destroy the rain forest is tropical storms. In about forty years, the rain forest could be no longer existing. "Yet, at one point in our history, rain forest covered about 14% of the earth."( -stephhicks68) Besides the fact that a lot of earth natural population will be wiped out to create unnecessary Places and roads; animals, plants, and reptiles that are endangered will be wiped out too. Not even giving us the chance to pass down these important things to our kids. If we really want to be able see the rain forest for more then forty years, I believe (and I don't stand alone when I say this) we need to change things.

Food Chain-

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Above here is a picture of the main food chain in the rain forest. Wiping out these animals as we are doing the second you read this, is killing off all these animals. Soon, none of these animals will be ale to keep each other balanced. Creating some species more over populated. Not only will that take down our rain forest, but it also tears down the food chain as well.


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