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Have you ever wondered how many oil spills their have been? Or, how do oil spills affect our environment? Well, then your in the right spot, this page made by Jason, Kunal, and Jack will help you learn all about oil spills. This is an informational site the explains everything about oil spills, from the causes to how you can help. Oil spills might not be major to you but it is a bad event that can affect our environment awfully.Why did we pick this topic?
Well, first of all we believed that this is a serious event, which most people take it for granted. Oil spills are just as important as any event that is on the daily news. Oil spills affect our ocean, causing a lot of the creatures to die. So do as much as you can do help clean or prevent an oil spill. Think of it as a terrible tornado or hurricane of oil!
What happens when there is an oil spill?
When there is an oil spill the oil doesn’t blend with salt water or fresh water, so the oil floats on the top. The ocean moves the oil in every direction, contaminating more of the ocean. The oil then is sticky and slimy so it sticks to animals. . Which then leads to fish that are eaten passing the oil poison to predators. Finally, the oil doesn’t go away until the weather breaks down the oil, which is a slow process.

How many oil spills have their been/history?
There have been over 87 oil spills that have occurred all around the world. It is estimated that more than700 tons of fuel oil has been leaked out. The top ten oil spills in history were: Amoco Cadiz, Arabian Gulf Spills, Argo Merchant, Barge Bouchard 155, Barge Cibro Savannah, Burmah Agate, Exxon Valdez, Ixtoc I, Jupiter, and the BP oil spill. The largest amount of oil spilled in the ocean was reported to be in the Gulf War. More the four million barrels of oil were spilled into the ocean.

How do oil spills affect the environment?
The way it effects our environment is in: effects on the water, effects on the coastline, and effects in marine life and wild life. Just like in the first paragraph the oil sticks and travels to spread in the ocean, slowly, and slowly. Also the oil comes to the coat line causing beach lovers and fishermen not a lot to go into the ocean. When the BP oil spill happened a lot of people were not allowed to go into the water for a long period of time. Also in the first paragraph the oil effects our marine life and wildlife that include all the fish and creature that live in the ocean and the animals on the coastline.

Where do most oil spills occur?
Most of the oil spills occur in the Mexico and Middle East area. Since a lot of oil comes from those places. While being transferred around the world the oil may fall off the ship or the workers might rebel on their country/work. A lot of history’s big oil spills have been recorded in the gulf. Just like the recent one the BP oil spill was also in the Gulf.

How can you stop oil spills?
Since there is no way to stop an oil spill, the time you can help is the next time we have an oil spill. Special groups will ask for special donations or marine life groups. You can also help by donating to the coast guard and aquariums. Donating money will help the group/organization go into the ocean and help clean up the oil spill. This will also help save the fish and creatures that live in the ocean also.

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