The rainforest is a beautiful place. Although, it is being destroyed rapidly and we are not conserving it properly. Scientists estimate that it will be completely gone in 40 years if we don't change our ways. The rainforest produces 40% of the world's oxygen. The Amazon alone produces 20%. The tropical rainforest used to cover 14% of the world's land, now it only covers 6%. We know it's a lot of numbers but it is as simple as saying, STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES!!!!!!!!!

Another alarming fact is that 3 to 6 billion trees are cut down per year. A source says that 55% of the Amazon's trees will be gone by the year 2030. Also they say that there are 61 trees per person and that really isn't that much if you think about it. There are an estimate 400,246,300,201 trees in the world. But that number is cut down every year.

What would happen if we cut down every tree in the rain forest? Well the answer is simple. We would lose more than twenty percent of oxygen creators in the world. That means that we would have less oxygen to breathe. Also, Cutting down the rain forest means destroying it and the rainforest produces sixty percent of fresh water. So help stop rain forest deforestation, Remember its not for us, its for you.

Can you imagine what would happen to all of the animals and other species of plants if the rain forests were destroyed? I know I wouldn't want to think about it. If the forests were destroyed we would lose 45% of the plant species in the world. If you think about that, its almost half of the worlds plant species. Also, if we don't stop our ways we will lose an uncountable amount of indigenious species. Could you imagine how that would effect our ecosystem. Its hard to even think about it so why can't we stop now and try to help in the recovery process of many of the worlds rain forests?

One site says that the forest is the lungs of our planet and it’s very true. One tree can support the life of two humans. A tree can take in 48 lbs/year of carbon dioxide. So if there are over 7 billion people and we are cutting down 3 to 6 billion trees per year we aren’t doing a good job of conserving. It just goes to show what one tree in the world can do.

Some of this waste is produced by Christmas. Although it is tradition fo almost every family that celebrates Christmas to get a Christmas tree, it is hurting the environment. Americans alone chop down 31 to 36 million Christmas trees a year. So we can't we all just buy fake ones. They are a lot cheaper and a lot more eco- friendly.

We hope these facts scare you. The world is losing trees by the second and it doesn't seem like enough people are doing anything about it. WE have to act now before it's too late. Thank you.

Here are some of the images of deforestation that is happening all over the world.
external image amazon_deforestation.jpg

external image 20070511_deforestation.jpg

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