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By: Jordann Harkins, Meaghan Scotland, and Michelle Skevin

Out of all of the many topics we could have chosen, we chose smoking. This horrible habit is something we see people doing every day. It is not only harming people's bodies, but harming our precious air. This topic stuck out to all of us the most because we can relate to cigarettes, being teenagers, and the pressure that is put on us to try smoking, but now after realizing all of the consequences that will occur, we are not ever going to pick up a cigarette!

What drives people to do this?

Smoking is something that is exposed to many different age groups, but I would say mostly teenagers. Once they are under the influence, they can't stop because it is an addictive habit. The reason they start this is because "everyone else" is doing it and they feel pressured to fit in so they have a problem saying no to it. Smoking cigarettes promotes sadness, anexity, dangerand anger. But one thing that most people don't realzie is that is 100% preventable.

What's in tobacco?

A cigarette is filled with tobacco and that is filled with many different substances. Some examples are dried tobacco leaves, ammonia, tar, common monoxide, and many other ingredients that add the addictive flavoring to the cigarettes. There are over 7,00 different chemicals in a single cigarette that spread through our air every day. Some people are not fully aware of what they are comsuming when smoking, but they should be. They also should be aware of what that one small cigarette is doing to our world.

What we can do to reduce it?

There are several things we can do to reduce the pollution from cigarettes. Now, in the 21st century there is a new invention; the electronic cigarette. These are very helpful to the environment due to the fact that, only 1 e-cig= about 41 normal cigarettes. That's 40 less cigarette butts on our planet, times thousands or even millions this is a huge difference. Also, electronic cigarettes are also proven by several studies to be healthier for the body then a normal cigarette. (Michelle Skevin)

How Does it polute the enviorment?

Every year 4.3 trillion cigarettes are smoked, and 1.7 pounds of cigarette butts fill lakes, oceans, and rivers. The smoke that cigarettes produce in one year is more than the amount of heavy diesel pollution over the course of one year. There are 4,000 different chemicals in one cigarette, that not only goes into our bodies, but into the air and water aswell. Along with that, they are major fire hazards, especially during hot weather. But, all of these pollution problems combined do not even equal the damage that the biggest pollutant has on our Earth. Production. Producing cigarettes does the most damage to the environment. Instead of planting things to help the planet, such as trees or food, tobacco is taking up valuable farm land to make cigarettes. (Michelle Skevin)