Tigers, the World's Favorite Animal Welcome, to the world's favorite animal page. If you haven't guessed already, we are talking about tigers. Tigers are majestic cats that are running low on food and more importantly, running out of time to extinction.But, with humans' help, we can save an entire species of animals by stopping poachers and finding out more about the beautiful animals. The 5 most important things to a tiger are, their habitats, food, population, poachers, and when they will mate.

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-Where do tigers live? (Habitat)
Most of all tigers live in Asia, but some live in Africa. In Asia they live in the forests of China, Nepal, and India. A great place where many tigers live is in Rajaji National Park in the Ganges River. Many of the few tigers that are alive still live there. Though, many conservation biologists haven’t seen tiger tracks in many years. One of the places where tigers also stay is at the base of the Himalayas and Western Nepal. Western Nepal is a green ribbon of forest and grassland where tigers live. It is extremely frustrating because there are enough habitats to support 50,000 tigers.

-What do tigers eat? (Food)
Local humans have wiped out deer, wild pigs, and wild cattle. A tiger will need to consume at least the meat of an elk sized deer a week to survive. Without food, tigers will stop multiplying. Tigers go to water holes to drink, cool off, and ambush prey. Tigers sleep 18 to 20 hours a day because hunting takes up so much energy. Even if it takes a tiger 30 tries to make a kill, his belly will be filled. This reason of lack of food is the 2nd biggest reason why tigers are dying out.

-How many tigers are left? (Population)
There are 3,500 tigers remaining in the wild which makes the tiger deeply endangered. There are about only 500 tigers in captivity. Most tigers in the wild live on reserves, not in regular wild places. In 2004, India was surprised to hear that an entire population of tigers in a reserve (more than 20 tigers) had just disappeared. This is due to poachers (our next topic).

-Why are Tigers Disappearing? (Poachers)
One thing tigers are killed for are their bones, which are used to make medicine. These mediceines market 12.4 million dollars per year in the U.S. alone. China totaled 8 to 10 million units per year. The demand for their bones, skin, organs, and meat is more valuable than other animals (deer, wild pig, etc.). Most people believe that tigers are worth more dead than alive, which is really killing the species.

-When do Tigers have their Babies? (Mating Season)
Tigers just mate whenever they are "in the mood". Being mammals, tigers don't lay eggs, it is much like a human, the pregnancy is about 8 months long. Most tigresses have about 3 cubs at a time. Tigers usually mate more than once, before the tigress receives a cub. It usually takes more than 20 times to achieve the status of pregnancy.

-Closing Paragraph
I hope this ecospace has impacted your thoughts on the tiger's species. We've given you information on the habitat, food, population, poachers, and mating season that tigers deal with on a daily basis. These beautiful animals are a necessity to humans, but they are more of a necessity to the Earth. You now have the information to keep these animals out of extinction, but it is now up to you to help save a species that we couldn't do without.

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