By Connor Merklinger and Joe Rossi

Do you like the mammal called the Tiger? Well if people keep animal poaching we won’t see this magnificent creature. There is only about 3,200 tigers left in the world today. 150 die in one year due to animal poaching. Since forests are becoming smaller, it’s making it easier for animal poachers to kill. It’s in your hands to help stop this.


There are many things that would happen if we kept tiger poaching. One thing would they would go extinct too soon. Another is killing tigers will hurt the food chain. They kill many wild animals and if the tigers go extinct the animals they eat will become over populated. We need to stop poaching tigers before it's to late.


There is a variety of problems with animal poaching. 150 tigers die a year because of animal poaching. It makes less resources for the animals in the world. Tiger poaching is discrimination to tigers and all animals. Tigers don't deserve this.

Very few tigers remain in this world. In the early 1900's there were about 100,000 tigers. Now there are only 3,200 tigers left. Four kinds of tiger species are now extinct because of poaching. Leave the tigers alone!


Animal poaching affects tigers in numerous ways. Tigers are now afraid of humans because they think all humans are out to kill them. Tigers are also affected because poachers kill the food they eat. Such as wild pigs, wild cattle, and deer. Tigers are no longer free like they used to be. They live in fear every day of their lives.

Tiger poaching has increased drastically over the years. The Siberian tiger used to have a population of over 5000 but now there is only 450 left. Four out of the five tiger species are now extinct. This includes the South Chinese tiger, Caspian tiger, Javan tiger, and the Bali tiger. Tiger poaching needs to stop immediately. Animal poaching is a cowardly act.



We chose this topic for many different reasons. One was we love tigers and think they are great animals. The second reason is we do not like animal poaching and are very against it. We didn't know much about tiger poaching and wanted to know more. We found out that very few tigers remain and this makes us very sad and want to help tigers.

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