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crayons.gif Fun ideas to help our planet!

There are a lot of fun things that you make by using old products. Arts and crafts are an easy thing you can doing using recycled products. By using old water bottles, you can make little fish out of them. By using old beer and soda bottoms, you can create beautiful stain glass windows. You can also make necklaces out of old pieces of glass bottles. You can easily make a mouse trap out of a toilet paper roll. You take the roll and place it by the end of a table or chair and leaving it hanging of the edge a little bit. Put a garbage can right underneath the toilet paper roll. Once you do this, you can put food inside the toilet paper roll and then the mouse will crawl inside. Since the toilet paper roll is hanging, it will fall into the garbage can causing the mouse to be trapped inside.

stained_glass.jpg This is a picture of a stained glass window made out of recycled materials

You can create handbags, and wallets using recycled materials
Recycled items make creative and useful household decor

Keep our Earth clean, and beautiful!


Sometimes people simply use items for the same purpose, for example: glass soda bottles collected in Maine are sent to soft drink plants, sterilized, and are refilled. Nature has recycled waste materials for milliions of years, but human population has increased so rapidly in the last century, our waste has become a huge problem. When you look at any packaging today you will notice the layers and layers of uneeded plastic,creating a waste of our resources. Every ton of glass we recycle saves 20 gallons of oil. These are the natural resources we cant abuse, and need to reuse.

What Is Happening to the Earth?
Each and every day more and more un biodegradable substances are getting thrown into land fills. Over a period of time the plastics and glass and cans will pile up without our notice. If we recycle these materials then we will be doing two things. One reducing the sizes of the over flowing land fills. Then two we will be able to melt down the plastic or glass and make other things. Another was to help it to make the switch from plastic to paper. If you start to use paper bags instead of plastic bags then your paper bag blows away then you don't have to worry. Paper is biodegradable. although plastic is not.

How can you Help?
There are many little things you can do to help save our planet. First of all if you dont already start recycling, not just paper or cans but every item you can reuse in some way. also, use our creative ideas our create your own! Possibilities are endless to what you can do to recycle and reuse. Think before you throw someting away, is this reusable, and how can I use this, instead of being wastful. Another way is to be more smart about the amount of paper and plastic u use. When using notebooks and paper, there is nothing wrong with using the back of things. Also try refilling plastic water bottles, or simply by a reusable one. You can make a change in this planet, even as one person, or by encouraging others. Did you know recycling one plastic water bottle saves enough energy to power a light bulb for several hours? You can make a
to make the world a better, and cleaner place for not only you but many generations to come!

If we dont start recycling
If we dont start recycling the consequences could be major. Our landfills are filling up to rapidly, causing a large amount of pollution. This doesnt just effect the animals and habitats in these areas it effects the air we breathe. soon if we keep wasting at this rate, our natural resources will run out, leaving a huge problem that would be very hard to solve in limited time. Unless of course we start recycling and reusing now! Our earth keeps giving, and we just keep taking. We need to give back to our planet, and make a better world for everyone. Recycling can be as easy as choosing the garbage can or recycling bin. There right next to eachother with your effort at no difference, but making the choice to recycle has a brighter effect on our future.

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