The hybrid is a compromise. Its used to increase the mileage and reduce the emissions of a gas-powered car while overcoming the prices,gas of the electric car.Hybrid cars can drive at least 300 miles (482 km) before re-fueling.Be refueled quickly and easily and keep up with the other traffic on the road.Any vehicle that combines two or more sources of power that can directly or indirectly provide propulsion poweris a hybrid.Hybrids turn off the engine at red lights which saves battery and is going green.

Hybrid cars recover energy and stores it in the battery so that means when ever you step on the brake you are removing the energy. The faster the vehicle goes the more energy that is taken from the car. A hybrid car takes the energy from the car and uses it to fuel the car before having to re-fuel. Which means they are more efishant than gas cars and better for the environment. Todays hybrid use many other ideas to increase its fuel efficient. The electricty that is in hybrid cars is made from coal which is the best and cleanest source of energy. 49.7% of our nation's electricity is generated by the burning of coal. For the average hybrid car you only need 3.23 gallons for 100 miles.






Gas powered cars have a fuel tank,which supplies gasoline to the engine.The engine then turns a transmission which turns the wheel.The engine chews up the costly gas every time you turn your over priced car on.Gas isn't good for the environment nor yourself.''Each year cars emit more than 300 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere each year in the United States alone. Cars worldwide have a far greater effect.'' says a source.This pollution is believed to increase Global Warming.The emissions also cause smog and damage to the ecosystem.Gasoline leaks from auto fueling stations and underground storage containers can also pollute the groundwater.

What are the difference between hybrid and electric cars?

An electric car is an car which is propelled by electric motors, using electrical energy stored in batteries to move. Many people in the 19th century used electric cars until they discovered that gas cars were cheaper to buy and use. But now in the 21st century many people use electric or hybrids because they are better for the environment. Its better for the environment because when using an electric car its using energy from its battery which creates less pollution and its better for the environment. Then hybrids still create more pollution but is better then gas cars.


Hybrid cars do not need to rely on the gasoline engine of all the time since it has an alternate power source.Besides being smaller,more efficient engine the hybrid recovers the energy and stores it in the battery.But what is so great about Hybrid electric-powered cars?Well about says there are purchase incentives for Hybrid vehicle owners (varies by state).There's a federal tax deduction for Hybrid buyers. (In 2004, hybrid vehicle buyers received a $1,500 federal tax break.)Drivers don't need to change their habits at all.

You don't have to learn anything or do anything different to drive a Hybrid.You won't have a guilty conscience for polluting the environment - Hybrids emit up to 97% less toxic emissions and half as much greenhouse-causing carbon dioxide as the average car.Their novelty is fun - hybrids are the latest and greatest "gadgets" to have in the automotive world.Mileage is noticeably higher, anywhere from 8-10% or 2-3 mpg.Hybrids are just as safe as their non-hybrid counterparts. The fact that they run on electricity as well as gas has no bearing on their safety.

The performance of Hybrids is improving more and more with each passing year, so their efficiency and improvements look bright for the future.You could experience faster commute times due to the ability to drive Hybrids in HOV lanes in some states.The Hybrid's battery pack never needs to be charged from an external source - it gets recharged during regenerative braking and by the gasoline engine when necessary.Most Hybrids have special warranty provisions that cover costly add-ons like the battery pack and electric motor.Due to a smaller engine, and lightweight materials used in manufacturing Hybrids, they tend to weigh less than their non-Hybrid counterparts. Hybrids can run on alternative fuels, decreasing our dependency on fossil fuels, and increasing the fuel options.