Recycling is very important to our world. It is important to recycle so certain types of items don't end up in landfills. Recycling changes old used items into new ones that can be used again rather than just gotten rid of. Certain pieces of trash can be dangerous to animals and the environment. Some objects may even take thousands of years to break down! Trash can also harm animals or pollute the area around it. Burning trash can help, but only if the smoke from the burning is cleaned.

Why we chose this topic:

We chose recycling as our topic because we believe that recycling is an important topic in our society today.We also wanted to show others how important recycling is and what can be some consequences of not doing so. We also wanted to learn more about recycling and how it is done. We wanted to learn how recycling helps the environment, and how landfills can be bad for it. Some times trash burning and certain types of trash decomposing can cause global warming, which is another important modern issue. Recycling is an important thing and learning about it can help protect the environment

What is Recycling:

Recycling has become an important part of our world today. Recylcing is the act of putting different objects, called recyclables, in a separate bin so they can be sent to a separate facility. These objects are glass, cans/aluminum, plastics, and paper. At the facility that they get sent to they take these recyclables, melt them down, clean them, and turn them into a new item that can then be sold in stores. Some people forget to put their recyclables in a different can, but it helps the economy alot if you do. This makes it so there is less garbage in landfills and lets us use less resources. I hope this let you learn a little about recycling.

What would happen without recycling:

Even though our earth is huge, it is not big enough for all of the garbage we throw out. Over the years we have learned to recycle more, but have you ever wondered what it would be like without recycling? We throw all of our garbage into landfills. These landfills only have so much space in them. Over time these landfills have grown to be huge.If we don't recycle they will grow even faster than they do right now and sooner or later our whole world will become a landfill. Another danger about not recycling is affecting the our ozone. The ozone is the layer around the earth. The more garbage that is on the earth, the lower our ozone will get. Overtime our ozone will be down to the surface of the earth and that will leave our earth vulnerable to any hazards. Those are two of the dangerous things that would happen if we dont recycle.

How landfills are harmful to the environment:

Landfills can be very dangerous. They take up alot of space and leave less room for animals to live. Certain pieces of trash can a very long time to decompose. Styrofoam can take over 1 million years to decompose! Sometimes harmful chemicals can end up in landfills. These chemicals can seep into underground water sources. Even drinking water can get polluted by this. Polluted drinking water can cause various diseases. Certain pieces of trash release Greenhouse gasses when decomposed. Greenhouse gasses cause global warming. Trash can hurt animals if they eat it or get tangled up in it. Recycling can help reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. You can also learn how to properly dispose of certain dangerous materials.

The Past, Present, Future of Recycling:

The Past, Present, and Future of recycling. In the past rarely did anyone recycle. They first started recycling in World War 1 and World War 2. It was sort of a thing back then. In our present day it has become really important. people really do care about the environment now. Recycling has become a big part in our society. Everyone except about 1/4 of people don't recycle. And about 3/4 of our people recycle. In the future i think that everyone in the world will recycle.The future will be alot better in recycling.


How does Recycling Help us:

Recyling helps us because its turning our old things into brand new ones. So we don't have to keep making things. One being that less rubbish goes into the landfills and i the streets which ultimately ends up in the ocean. This prevents animals from dieing from things and getting sick. Also helps making less space for dumps. Recycling helps trees. A ton of paper helps 17 trees not get cut down and used. By recycling we reserve natural things timber, water, and minerals which saves it for the future use.

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