Endangered sea horses:

About the sea horse:
Seahorses don't look like the everyday fish. A few breeds of endanger seahorses are the dwarf seahorse, the tiger tail seahorse, the spotted sea horse, and finally the long snout seahorses. Many other types are at risk of becoming endangered. Like the spotted seahorse, and the tiger tail seahorse.
You may not know but sea horses are endangered. They are endangered because people are taking to many out of the ocean. You can have a pet sea horse but only certain types. People take wild sea horses because they are cheaper, than buying them at the pet store. People steal them from the ocean. When taking them out of the ocean it causes the seahorse to stress. When in captivity the seahorse is highly stressed. If they get moved from on area
to another to fast they become stressed. When this happens they can die or become sick. They are also endangered because of loss of habitat. Even the tiniest change of habitat effects the sea horses. There is also pollution problems. Oil spills and ocean junk pollute the water. By polluting the water it is almost "toxic". When Sea horses in hail the "toxic" water it slowly kills them.

By taking to many seahorses out of the ocean it makes it harder for them to repopulate. Seahorses may seem small and not important. But they are important. They kept everything in check in the food chain. If seahorses got wiped out, everything would be a mess. Seahorses eat the algae off the coral and in the water. If they disappeared, the coral would never be cleaned, and the algae would be out of control. They water would be full of algae.

Endangered wolves

Wolves were endangered a couple years ago but later on they were taken the endangered species list. Now they're back on the list.





Endangered elephants:

Elephants are endangered because of poaching. Poaching is "the illegal practice of trespassing on another's property to hunt or steal game without the landowner's permission." About 3,000 elephants a year are killed by poachers. They kill the helpless elephants because of their tusks. One elephant tusk is worth around 1.3 million dollars. An elephant has 2 tusks so by having 2 tusks you get even more money. Poaching has reach alarming levels. There used to be 5-10 million elephants. Now there is about 600,000 left. When an elephant is trapped in a poachers trap it is extremely painful. There is a barbed wire made into a lop. When an elephant walks in to a lop it gets tighter and tighter. The more the elephant pulls the more painful. Over time the barbed wire cuts into the skin of the elephant. They go through all that pain and just wait there to die. The poacher could come back 6 hours later, or maybe 4 days later. Imagine being that poor elephant. Something cutting off your foot. Just there waiting to die.
baby-elephant-rescued-from-poachers--trap-in--cambodian-jungle-gets-prosthetic-foot.jpgThis is what an elephant looks like when rescued from a poachers trap.
How you can stop it:
You can stop all of this by joining fun raisers, and many more. Try contacting your local zoo. Or you can search on the internet to find organisations. Like ASPCA. Or maybe Endangered Species. Every voice counts. You to can change the world.


By Ashley Sprich, and Ashley Fallon.